There are good men!

    The cinematic and original story inspired by true life events starts here.

    Like many young women, two friends, Brenda and Esther, hope to fall in love and get married. When they finally tie the knot, they're faced with the harsh realities of their choices - which was not the happily ever after they'd anticipated.

    Esther is under a self-imposed pressure as a result of her unflinching loyalty to a ruthless spouse, Fred. She started questioning her allegiance to him, when she came face to face with the potential of getting killed by the same man she had sacrificed too much for.

    Brenda gets married to Charles who becomes Fred's mentee - only in the wrong things. When he sees how quickly Esther turns from the naïve, doting and reverent wife, into a no-nonsense woman, and the hopelessness of Fred's situation, he decides to change his mean ways…but it's too late. Brenda decides its show time!

    A matchmaking stunt for Esther goes awfully wrong. Charles takes to gallant displays of chivalry, attempting to win Brenda back. The two ladies find themselves at new points of decision. Will they find the love they seek in good men?

    In One Push is an exciting story of love, cruelty, faith, and forgiveness that is filled with valuable lessons for life. It is set to take you on a hilarious cruise that will leave you thrilled, bewildered, amused and sometimes, very upset.


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